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Monthly Archive: : August 2016

by Oana Stoian

Breach: 2.1

Dear all, this day I will present you my way of exploiting the vulnerable machine-Breach 2.1. Many thanks to @mrb3n813 and @VulnHub. For information gathering I will be using nmap:

The  ssh port is opened : 65535, so let’s try to connect to it:

A banner is displayed, and we find out about…

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by Oana Stoian

PwnLab:init Walkthrough

Thanks to Claor @Chronicoder and VulnHub folks for the opportunity of writing another walkthrough for a very challenging vulnerable machine. First thing first, I fired-up nmap. Usually I do that, run nmap and after that nikto. 😀 As it can be observed, only two ports are of interest: 80 (for HTTP) and 3306, on which runs mysql….

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by Oana Stoian

Tommy Boy 1 Write-up

If you came here just for the last flag, here it is:

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading this! 🙂 And now, if you want to know the story of TommyBoy machine, let’s start from the beginnig. This challenge has a story, and quite an enjoyable one IMHO and this will make things more…

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