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In a day and age when information lives across various media in ever expanding forms and is expected to be available at any moments’ notice on demand, making sure that it is available only to its intended audience, while keeping its integrity becomes an exponentially increasing challenge.

To accept this challenge, a team of experts in information security, information technology and communication have decided to join forces and combine their experience to provide customer service software security, security testing, security management and security solutions adapted to the needs of each company.

Safetech Innovations was founded in March 2011 to address this challenge: the need for companies and organizations to exchange information and conduct business in a secure framework.

The company is an independent provider of information security high class services and solutions with offices and representatives in London, Bucharest and Mannheim. We help clients test and secure applications, web & cloud, mobile, office and critical infrastructure systems with a balance of financial responsibility and rational security.

Professionalism, practicality and efficiency have made Safetech Innovations to become the trusted information security partner in a very short time, making organizations confident in knowing they have where to go in respect to information security consulting services.

With its proven experience in both Information Security and Information Technology Safetech Innovations is extremely capable in providing services on ensuring information security, but also in the design, implementation and monitoring of IT infrastructures.

This experience allows us to offer a wide range of services that span from consulting on security standards, guidelines and procedures to IT and security solutions, products and technologies. Thanks to this approach we are able to offer also IT infrastructure services designed with focus on information security in order to ensure the best level of confidence and security for our customers.

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