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by Ionut Cernica

Codegate 2014 quals – web 200 WriteUp

WebProxy WriteUp We were given a web application with a proxy functionality.

In the response from the server a comment can be found which contains the link where the flag might be.

The request type is “GET” and it has one parameter named “url”.

The value of the “url” parameter is filtered….

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by Marinel

How to: Secure and Privacy Enabled Browsing

There are plenty of guides on the web about securing your computer against threats you can encounter on the internet, while making your browsing habits hassle free and enjoyable. Most of the guides teach you basic stuff about how to install antivirus and other anti-malware suites, check your browser for toolbars and extensions, whether your…

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by Ionut Cernica

eBay Authentication Bypass

On 18 January 2014 I reported to eBay a security problem about an authentication bypass on one of their websites -> To login to, I was first sent to the eBay website, where you must complete a form with your ebay username and password, after that you are redirected to jp with…

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